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Leggere nella lingua madre di un autore è sempre una piacevole esperienza.



Enzo, hardly more than a boy, decides not to follow the wave of emigration,enlists and becomes a soldier like so many of his peers despite knowing that fate could bring him pain and bitterness. The war in which he finds himself and that almost no one wants and in which very few believe, however, reserves something good for him. After being one step away from the end of his short life, he meets a young and beautiful girl from Piraeus with whom he falls madly in love. He marries his Varvàra in Athens without anyone knowing.



Ο Ένζο, ήταν ακόμη παιδί όταν αποφάσισε να ακολουθήσει το κύμα της μετανάστευσης, παρουσιάζεται στο στρατό και γίνεται στρατιώτης όπως πολλοί συνομήλικοί του γνωρίζοντας ότι το πεπρωμένο μπορούσε να του επιφυλάσσει πόνο και πίκρες. Εκείνος ο πόλεμος, στον οποίο βρίσκεται αναμεμειγμένος και που σχεδόν κανείς δε θέλει και στον οποίο λίγοι πιστεύουν, του προσφέρει κάτι όμορφο και αφού βρέθηκε ένα βήμα πριν από το τέλος της σύντομης ζωής του, γνωρίζει μια νεαρή και όμορφη κοπέλα από τον Πειραιά την οποία ερωτεύεται παράφορα.


I'll learn from you

Un racconto autobiografico in cui l'autrice narra dei legami di amicizia con i suoi gatti ed i suoi cani. Un vero percorso di crescita personale per la scrittrice, iniziato circa vent'anni fa, in cui vicende ed emozioni getteranno le basi per un rapporto unico e speciale con ognuno dei protagonisti. Un libro che lascia il tempo di riflettere sull' unione che ciascuno di noi crea con il proprio animale domestico.


Behind the mask

Written by an intensive care nurse, Behind the Mask is a thought-provoking debut novel exploring the untold psychological repercussions of the horrific experiences faced by those working on the front line. Behind the Mask, a novel that renews and surprises the publishing landscape by taking on a significant and at the same time enigmatic title, representsing the painful reality we are going of living through due to the Covid- 19 pandemic. A lethal virus that is bringing the whole world to its knees. The author dedicates to this dark existential and world period a story starring Lucia, herself the narrator, who works as a nurse in Covid ICU and will describe the professional environment with profound authenticity.

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